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Cabbage and Peas Bhujiya Recipe

Cabbage and Peas Bhujiya

This is a traditional, unique, simple and tasty recipe of Pakistan. Its a best recipe for Sahri and is very easy and quick to prepare. It can also be served as main dish for lunch and dinner. The mouth watering bhujiya is made with peas and cabbage (band gobi). It is very popular in other Asian countries also. Try this ...

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Delicious Galawat Kebabs Recipe

Galawat Kebabs recipe

Galawat kebab is also one of the famous varieties of kebabs. These are very famous kebabs in Lucknow. The meaning of “Galawat” is tender. These kebabs can be prepared with beef or mutton mince.This is a best recipe for Ramadan. It can also be served as side dish at lunch times or on picnics. It spicy taste is really very ...

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Crispy Onion Rings Recipe 2015


Crispy onion rings are tasty appetizer loved by almost all age groups. These are prepared with thick slices of onion coated with batter. These are most famous type of fast food. Try out in during this Ramadan and enjoy your iftar times with this tasty and simple recipe. These rings are tender and soft from inside and crispy from outside. ...

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Aloo (patato) kay Samosa Recipe For Ramadan


Recipe For Aloo Kay Samosa Samosas are all time favorite street food in Pakistan and preparing traditional samosa at home is not a difficult task as we all assume. If you follow the method correctly then you can easily make tasty samosas at home during this Ramadan at iftar times. Besides potatoes samosas are also stuffed with chicken, vegetables or ...

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Keri Sharbat Recipe ( Raw Mango Sharbat ) For Summer

raw mango juice recipe

Keri ka sharbat or raw mango drink is an appetizing and cool drink for very hot summer months, as month of Ramadan is also about to start and its also a mango season so what are you waiting for lets make this sweet and sour cool sharbat with a simple recipe and keep yourselves fresh and cool during this Ramadan ...

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Chicken Pakora Recipe For Ramadan

chicken pakora recipe for ramdan

Pakora is a popular Pakistani snack and is everyone’s favorite. Chicken pakora is an  another alternative of pakora including meat. Chicken pakora can easily be prepared and are very tasty and healthy to be served for iftar, and can be served with tamarind chutney, ketchup or chili sauce. Ingredients For Chicken Pakora Recipe Ingredients: Chicken pieces (boneless) 250 grams Gram ...

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Watermelon Soda Recipe 2015

watermelon soda drink recipe 2015

Watermelon soda is a cool and refreshing drink for these hot summer days, especially for this Ramadan. Its rich and healthy taste will refresh your mind and keep you cool. Watermelon soda is really very simple to prepare with no time so do try it and enjoy it in the Ramadan during the iftar time. Ingredients For Making Watermelon Soda ...

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Patao Dahi Baray Recipe For Ramadan 2015

patato dahi barey recipe for ramadan 2015

Potato Dahi Baray is totally a unique and an amazing recipe which will add a unique taste into your Ramadan menu. We mostly prepare baray with different lentils but in this recipe we will make our baray with potatoes its a bit lengthy process but very simple and with a little efforts we can easily prepare tasty and delicious potato ...

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Date and Tamarind Chutney Recipe 2015

Date and Tamarind Chutney Recipe 2015

All kinds of snacks and chaats are incomplete without the chutney. This sweet and sour chutney adds a great flavor to your chaats and snacks, and besides its rich taste its also very healthy. Its recipe is so simple that you do not need to buy it in a bottled form from the market it can be easily prepared at ...

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Chicken Spring Roll Recipe For Ramadan 2015

chicken spring roll recipe for ramadan 2015

Chicken spring rolls, an another amazing recipe for this Ramadan. Although its a light meal or snack but it is full of nutrition and energy as it is prepared with almost all kinds of vegetables along with chicken. Its really a tasty recipe equally favorite among children as well as elders. Good Way To Get Ingredients Ingredients Boneless chicken pieces: 250 ...

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